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Caffeine Land

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14th June 2006

alex041010:57pm: Dr. Pepper is the best and i won't take any other opinions.

6th October 2005

hoverbeast12:34am: Need my mountain dewwww...
I haven't had any soda in over two months now. The thirst for caffeine-induced mountain dew..

23rd August 2005


Feel free to join mountaindewfans!

9th August 2005

childofstrings7:27pm: Hello Fellow Coffee Addicts
Ok so I just stumbled upon this loverly community today and I simply had to join. I'll start out with a little introduction.

My name is Anna, I currently reside in the boring ass state of VA. I have found that, weather I wanted it to or not, my life has revovled around coffee. Im Armenian, which led to me growing up around copious amounts of, what some might call "Turkish" coffee or "mud". (Its infact Armenian coffee, people just say turkish, because its easier) At any given time, you can find some coffee accesory in my bedroom. I've worked in two coffee shops (neither of them startbucks) and Im still working at one of them. So obviously I've had my fair share of brews. With this expierence, I hope to someday open a superior coffee shop in Burlington Vermont that would make starbucks coffee look like pisswater.

Now that I've introduced myself, I have a bit of a request for all of you caffine addicts. Im pretty sure a few of you MUST own an expresso machine. Im looking for a sturdy machine to use now, and for the dorm when I head off to college next year. The price range Im aiming for is $75-150. If you have any reccomendations please do leave a comment.

Current Mood: hyper

26th February 2005

btchcalledhope18:00pm: iced coffee
Iced French Vanilla Iced Coffee...is the number one drink in america...okay, well maybe not for everyone. but it is for me, and anyone who somewhat agrees, should comment. :)

1st February 2005

foleygoodness4:57am: I'm Lain and I admit to being a caffiene-dependant individual. In fact, I'm currently going through a nasty withdrawal. o.O
Current Mood: groggy

27th January 2005

allhailthespork9:05pm: Twinings English Breakfast Tea.
Best. Tea. Ever!

I highly recommend it.

Unfortuneately this week my mom decided to bring home the DECAFEINATED tea bags. :( Still delicious, but it's not the same without caffeine, of course. Decaf= Evil.

25th January 2005

hoverbeast4:53pm: Caffeine.
Hello. My name is Hoverbeast, and.. badgers. Tada.
Current Mood: chipper

31st December 2004

allhailthespork2:43pm: New look.
I just changed the look of this community. I even added a new coffee background I made myself.
allhailthespork2:24pm: English Tea
My mother bought some "English Breakfast Tea" and all I can say is......it's bloody delicious! Best tea I've ever tasted.

Here is a picture, so you drool at it:
Current Mood: chipper

18th December 2004

crushed_yuppie7:43pm: my mother bought Caffeine Free soda today.. :(
Current Mood: thirsty

26th November 2004

allhailthespork12:39pm: *POKE*
Soooo... is anybody ever going to post here? :(

30th October 2004

_prettydaisies_1:44pm: my name is megan, and i admit to being a caffiene(holy shite i cant spell it?!) crazed maniac (when i say maniac i mean moron who cant spell caffiene).


8th October 2004

allhailthespork2:38pm: French Vanilla

I'm sipping a 16 oz. cup right now. Delicious!
Current Mood: happy
hecubusisevil12:43pm: My name is Cay and I admit to being a caffeine crazed individual.

fan o' da hot stuffCollapse )
Current Mood: anxious
allhailthespork12:21pm: Coffee!
Welcome to my caffeine community!

A little about myself....

My name is Spork. I admit to being a caffeineoholic & I'm proud of it! I love caffeine. My favorite caffeine-filled drink is a good ol' classic cup of coffee! If I don't have my coffee in the morning I'll be in a bad mood! Usually, I drink a cup of Folgers classic roast in the morning and I like a little milk with it. Also, I enjoy cappucino's. Mocha Alert cappucinos w/ extra caffeine from WaWa rule!!!
Current Mood: Caffeined Up
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